There are no scary drill sergeants in our Bootcamp classes but this 45-minute, the high-intensity training session is designed to push you to your limits. These varied, full body workouts are delivered with military precision.

Left to your own devices, you may struggle to keep workouts fresh and exciting. Maybe you would not be able to push yourself when training alone. Well, exercise does not have to be boring when you join our crack team and train at RP Fitness!

These functional workouts will challenge and develop your strength, stamina, flexibility, power, balance and coordination. We mix up our sessions every time, so whilst there is no such thing as a ‘typical session’ they often include tyre flips, monkey bars, Sled pushes, battle ropes to name just a few of the obstacles in store for you!

It does not matter if you are a private or a 5-star general when it comes to exercise, these classes are suitable for anyone who wants to have fun whilst getting fit. Our experienced and expert trainers will be there to monitor your progress, help you through the exercises and to motivate and encourage you building confidence and self-esteem at the same time as your fitness levels.

There is also a great team atmosphere, a sense of camaraderie and support that will get you through sessions you wouldn’t think possible when training alone. No man (or woman) is ever left behind in our Bootcamp!

Bootcamp could be the missing link that your training regime has been waiting for. I’m sure you’ve tried cardio, I bet you have done some weights. Have you ever tried combining the two? This can be an absolute game changer!

Workouts are fast-paced and dynamic, so if you want to improve your conditioning, get stronger and drop some serious body fat then this style of training is hard to beat for rapid gains. Your stamina and endurance levels will be challenged by the short rest periods but these breaks will be just long enough to allow you to build strength at the same time, the perfect training combo!

Try out our Bootcamp classes to become leaner and fitter than ever before. This is all very achievable in a fun, motivating, non-judgemental class where you get to use the coolest toys in the building! What are you waiting for? Quick march and see you soon Private!

You will be inspired with new ways to use equipment, see some great twists on old exercises and get some great pointers on how to use the exercises you may not have tried yet.

If you want to give Bootcamp a try (and why wouldn’t you?) Simply book in here or use our handy app where you can save your space now and check out all the other classes we offer. Feel free to speak to our friendly staff about this or any other class, they are there to help and to make sure you keep on track with your fitness goals.

In addition to all of this…

  • Functional training area with indoor grass track, weight sled, battle ropes & more
  • Onsite café serving hot protein meals, protein shakes and a range of supplements
  • Access to highly trained and qualified personal trainers
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere for all
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