Be a contender and box your way to fitness! This full body workout combines pad-work, shadow boxing, skipping and many other exercises boxers would use to get themselves ring ready!

Boxercise is a 45 minute, high-intensity dose of ‘the sweet science’ and a really fun way to burn literally hundreds of calories and leave you looking like a true champion.

All classes are NON CONTACT so you won’t need to bring silk shorts and your robe but you will leave glowing for hours afterwards. We also provide the boxing gloves and any other bits you may need, so just come down in your usual gym clothes to enjoy the class.

It is no surprise over 1.2 million enjoy Boxercise in the UK alone. Classes at RP Fitness are aimed at men and women of all abilities. The sessions are carefully planned out before you arrive so you don’t have to worry about anything other than to turn up and enjoy yourself!

At RP Fitness we only use fully qualified and highly experienced trainers so even though it is a group, we keep the class size small so our expert trainers can make sure you work at a pace and level that is suitable for you ensuring a safe and effective workout.

Boxercise masterfully mixes endurance work with explosive movements so you can develop your aerobic and anaerobic abilities simultaneously. This means not only does your heart and lungs get a good workout but you will be toning your muscles at the same time!

These classes will show you where the phrase ‘fighting fit’ comes from. Boxercise can provide many benefits. It will help build your stamina. Once your stamina improves you will feel the benefits all day being more alert and full of energy.

The punching combinations will improve your ‘hand to eye co-ordination’ and timing but don’t forget this isn’t just an arm workout! Your legs will be working throughout the session with the footwork and help develop your agility, timing and balance.

Your midsection will get a great workout in a boxercise class so not only will you be toning up these muscles but with all body fat being stripped off at the same time you will also be able to see them.

Putting all that together and learning new skills will keep your mind focused throughout the class and help improve general brain function. These sessions are also a great way to relieve stress! Taking out some aggression and high-intensity exercise will give you a fantastic endorphin rush which is a welcome feeling to have any day of the week.

If you want to give Boxercise a try (and why wouldn’t you?) Simply book in here or use our handy app where you can save your space now and check out all the other classes we offer. Feel free to speak to our friendly staff about this or any other class, they are there to help and to make sure you keep on track with your fitness goals.

In addition to all of this…

  • Functional training area with indoor grass track, weight sled, battle ropes & more
  • Onsite café serving hot protein meals, protein shakes and a range of supplements
  • Access to highly trained and qualified personal trainers
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere for all
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