If you want to get lean and toned, Core is for you.
As its name suggests, our Core class is an intense abdominal workout designed to tone the stomach area. This abdominal workout focuses on core strength and stability, giving you tighter, flatter abs or that 6 pack you’ve always wanted! And don’t worry – our Core class isn’t just sit-ups. Our highly-trained instructors will show you plenty of new moves that work muscle groups you didn’t even know you had.

A great addition to any workout! It combines cardio with abdominal exercises to burn fat whilst strengthening ab muscles, helping to really give shape and definition to the abdonimal area. Having a strong core can help alleviate back and shoulder pain, help build functional strength (for pulling, pushing and lifting, for example), and give you better overall balance and agility.

Our expert instructors will coach you through a variety of moves and techniques often switching up the routine to keep your body guessing.
After a few weeks of core work, you’re guaranteed to notice a difference. Along with a toned and defined mid-section, you’ll also find your posture has improved, your metabolism has increased and your fitness levels are sky-high.

Core is more than just a great workout, the results alone are a reason to never miss a class. Everyone likes to see the effects of their hard work but hard work in this case is not a chore! It is a total energy rush, with pumping music, encouragement from the likeminded group, motivation from our amazing instructors and your muscles and joints feeling totally alive and have you ready to come back for more.

If you want to give Core a try (and why wouldn’t you?) Simply book with your member app or login to the online members area. Feel free to speak to our friendly staff about this or any other class, they are there to help and to make sure you keep on track with your fitness goals.

In addition to all of this…

  • Functional training area with indoor grass track, weight sled, battle ropes & more
  • Onsite café serving hot protein meals, protein shakes and a range of supplements
  • Access to highly trained and qualified personal trainers
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere for all
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