During the first half of the twentieth century, Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercises and principles which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. This training system has continued to be refined and progress to the present day.

Pilates combines intelligent exercise and mindful movement which can be used alone or to complement other sports and exercise methods. This contemporary approach to the original system uses modern techniques and is one of the safest and effective methods of training available loved by athletes, celebrities and anyone who craves all the benefits this system has to offer. The main principles focus on your breathing, pelvic placement, rib placement, shoulder mobility and stability and head position. developing these areas will have many benefits and can improve your day to day life, sport or other pursuits.

At RP Fitness the classes are suitable for people of all abilities. Exercises are divided into essential, intermediate and advanced levels. The sessions are taught only by highly trained and experienced instructors who will help guide you through the technique and what level would be right for you. Sometimes you could be at a basic level on one exercise but need a much more advanced level on another. Classes are kept small so you can be given the attention you need and you will be shown the subtleties and little details in the exercises that make all the difference.

Pilates will improve flexibility, mobility and maybe most importantly your quality of movement will be better than ever before. The exercises will give you body awareness, control, coordination and balance of your entire body to move gracefully but powerfully.

Your core, ‘the bodies powerhouse’ will be strengthened in every exercise we do. Having a strong core improves sporting performance, can help relieve low back pain and prevent injuries and a slimmer waistline, your pelvic floor will be strengthened and your stomach will become flatter in record time and your posture will improve immensely.

Having correct posture is essential for to minimise strain on the body, allow you to move well and to stand with confidence. To say that correct posture is a prerequisite of a healthy life is not an exaggeration

The exercises are low impact so they are very kind to the joints. They are performed with emphasis on your alignment, breathing and correct sequencing rather than forcing the body to do more we give it the ability to better. This will allow you to build strength, muscular endurance and help prevent injuries.

Pilates can be the main way you choose to exercise or compliment a sport or normal workout routine perfectly.

If you want to give Pilates a try (and why wouldn’t you?) Simply book in here or use our handy app where you can save your space now and check out all the other classes we offer. Feel free to speak to our friendly staff about this or any other class, they are there to help and to make sure you keep on track with your fitness goals.

In addition to all of this…

  • Functional training area with indoor grass track, weight sled, battle ropes & more
  • Onsite café serving hot protein meals, protein shakes and a range of supplements
  • Access to highly trained and qualified personal trainers
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere for all
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