Download this PDF where Richard Patman reveals the most up to date ‘secret’ programming methods used by the likes of the Norwegian and Russian National teams.

Richard is a former World and British bench press champion, referee and official IPF strength coach. He has trained thousands of people over the years including numerous internationally successful lifters.

He has been taught directly by some of the best lifters and coaches on the planet including the legendary Boris Sheiko and Dietmar Wolf. With this privileged information, you will learn how Richard designs training programmes for himself, elite level athletes, people new to the sport and everyone in-between.

About the author:

Richard Patman is a much sought after fitness professional based in the Cambridge gym, RP Fitness.

Richard is a former world powerlifting champion and has helped many others reach similar standards.

He is constantly expanding his qualifications in coaching and sports therapy and is particularly known for developing innovative cross-disciplinary approaches to help his clients reach their goals.

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