4.9 avg. from 140 reviews


Great training atmosphere and community (both members and staff) is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful. Equipment wise it’s got everything you could want, I particularly like that it has tyres, sleds and monkey bars.

Andrew, on Facebook

Downright the best thing about Cambridge!

Anders, on Facebook

Lovely gym with really friendly staff who are really helpful and supportive, especially if you are like me and a bit nervous about starting

Tara, Facebook

Best gym in Cambridge. Would recommend to anyone

Chris , Facebook
Best gym I’ve been to, all the high quality equipment you’d ever need for all types of workout. Really friendly and helpful staff. Can’t recommend enough.
James, Google

Fantastic gym. Huge range of equipment, friendly atmosphere, never feel intimidated. All the staff are really helpful and friendly. Highly recommended, best gym in Cambridge by far.

Lucy, Google

Well equipped, knowledgeable staff, welcoming atmosphere, great location and parking. Also, they make great smoothies and coffee!

Dave, Google

Good gyms are scarce, great gyms are almost non-existent; this gym is great. in fact it’s the best gym I’ve ever been to.

Chris, Google

RP is no doubt the best gym experience in Cambridge, probably the whole south east of England

Harry, Google

Great gym with lots of equipment, neat, tidy and clean. Staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful; giving the place quite a personal feel compared to the big chains.

Rowina, Google

Easily the best gym in Cambridge, constantly being improved and with staff who very clearly know what they’re talking about.

Daniel, Google


4.8 avg. from 177 reviews